Les bons temps rouler!


Floyds Seafood Restaurant leaves an impression on your palette with seventy plus years of combined Cajun Seafood expertise.  The Gulf Coast heavily influences Floyds, from decor, ambiance, cuisine, and attitude. Bret Floyd, Floyd Landry, and Gary Pearce are the owners and operators of Floyds Seafood. They currently serve and employ through four locations in Southeast Texas, with two additional locally owned franchise locations.  Floyds is a concept based on ole Louisiana characteristics, les bons temps rouler – or – “Let the Good Times Roll”!

Floyds Seafood Restaurant dedicates to provide the ultimate experience in what WE do.
Lagniappe, “A Little Bit Extra”, is a Louisianan tradition that is simple in theory,
but delivers tremendous results when implemented in the service industry.
Meaning, we’re Cajun to the core and given the chance, we’ll show you what life on
the bayou tastes like. Floyds was born and bred by entrepreneurs with deep roots
to Texas, Louisiana, and every crawfish pond in between. They continue
displaying their talents with tried and true precision.

Bret Floyd and Floyd Landry owners of Floyds Seafood Restaurant

Bret Floyd and Floyd Landry owners of Floyds Seafood Restaurant

The Heart Behind Floyds

Floyd Landry, or “Dawg” as he is more commonly known, is infamous in the restaurant industry. Uniquely, he has opened, operated, and sold more restaurants than most people have experienced. From Golden Gloves to Kitchen Gloves, all his efforts are a hole in one. Especially, his efforts in pairing with business partner Bret Floyd were a homerun. Bret has been part of the Houston scene his entire life. Growing up Bret watched his father, Don Floyd #75, go All Pro each year he played for the Houston Oilers. Outside his restaurants Bret’s passion lies with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, a staple for any Houstonian, his contributions are endless and his support of local heritage is inspiring.

All Floyds Cajun Seafood Locations are extensions of their creators which paint a detailed image of the character, quality, and integrity of the Cajun seafood we so proudly serve. It all goes back to this, THE reason we are here boils down to one thing….crawfish.

Floyds is undoubtedly unmatched when it comes down to providing one of the most unique flavor combinations known to man. We start with Floyds truly authentic, one-of-a-kind blend of seasoning and spices that top off the bugs after their bath in our house specialty boil. Then, we get ahold of Boudreaux and Thibodeaux and get us da best crawdads dey can find. After that its finely balanced system of timers, pulleys, and whistles that makes it all possible for you to enjoy the one real pleasure a Cajun can share with the world……Dat’s Right, Crawfish.

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